• AMPLease


AMPLease is the world’s most collaborative and efficient lease management platform with data integration capabilities built-in. Offering the ability to create and manage comprehensive lease abstracts, AMPLease provides insight into a property or portfolio’s occupancy/vacancy and lease analytics on a level never seen before in commercial real estate.


High level occupancy and leasing info

High-level Occupancy & Leasing Info

AMPLease’s high-level preview into leasing info provides an idea on everything from expirations and occupancies to new leases and leases that have not commenced yet. Identifying years that need attention due to increased expirations is incredibly easy and allows for instant action.

Comprehensive lease abstracts

Making lease abstracts incredibly intuitive yet maintaining its comprehensiveness, AMPLease allows for creating and managing already existing leases with superb lease abstracts functionalities. Insurance certificates and such other related documents can be easily attached to lease abstracts giving a complete trail to the relationship with the tenant.

Comprehensive Lease Abstracts
Easy Integration

Easy integration with existing systems

AMPLease integrates immediately with the systems you use providing effortless visibility into your data. With one of the lowest overheads for integration, AMPLease provides an unbelievable addition to the tools you use for invaluable lease analytics.

Outstanding lease analytics

AMPLease takes the data that is difficult to make sense of and presents real-time visual analytics on it. Identify expirations exposure by factors such as property, portfolio, asset or manager. Trends on lease analytics such as 12-months occupancy graphs equip you with the ability to take proactive decisions on many things.

Lease Analytics