The Only Operating System For Your
Entire Commercial Real Estate Business

Digital Transformation Holds the Key to Future Exponential Growth.

AMP is the digital leader in Commercial Real Estate.

True digital transformation is only acheiveable when organizations realize the interconnectedness of people process and technology. AMP connects all of your internal teams, external parties, and all your business processes by department and all your systems together into the most dynamic real-time operating platform.


That's Me!


That's Me!


That's Me!


That's Me!


That's Me!

Your Complete Solution

The Only Platform You Will Need.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business

AMP delivers growth acceleration and competitive advantage in the digital age.

AMP is the only Operating Platform that can aggregate all existing systems, everyone in the organization and business processes to give instant insights for real time performance management

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The AMP Suite

BIG Ways AMP is Changing Commercial Real Estate

The complete system for your commercial real estate goals. The AMP Commercial Real Estate platform is for your entire business and boasts industry leading products that make managing all of your assets simple.

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Speed to implementation - Setup in days to weeks rather than months - See ROI in the 1st quarter.
Enhanced tenant experience - for all tenants and citizens in a building. Give everyone the experience that they've never had and take credit for everything you do.
Get actionable insight with real-time benchmarking against your own performance and the market. Perform better than ever before.

Mobile APPS included

Mobility is the key to success in any business. AMP connects different users with role specific APPs so everyone in the organization can be mobilized with critical information to perform superbly. The APPS are at no cost to clients to enhance productivity.

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