Friends of St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Friends of St. Augustine Amphitheatre (FOSAA) is a non-profit organization committed to making The Amp more accessible to the community while promoting excellence in venue programming and being a positive contributor to St. Johns County.


The Friends of St. Augustine Amphitheatre (FOSAA) has held hands with many to increase the accessibility of The Amp to the greater community. Through their Friend and Corporate Sponsor membership programs and a variety of other fundraising initiatives, FOSAA is able to support multiple community events like family movie nights and the annual Camp Rock summer camp for middle and high school students. FOSAA also provides grants for schools and non-profit organizations to host special events and family-friendly activities for all to enjoy.

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Created in 2009, FOSAA is a private, distinct, and separate organization from the St. Augustine Amphitheatre and St. Johns County. FOSAA received 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status soon after and has since become a visible presence in the community.

More information about FOSAA can be found on the FOSAA website.

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