In an effort to ensure that only great memories are what remain after the show,
St. Augustine Amphitheatre introduced the Green Hands Initiative.

Green Hands Initiative

Live events can create large quantities of waste - from thousands of plastic cups to palettes of cardboard, tons of leftover food, to hours of inefficient energy use. Established in 2014, the Green Hands Initiative is dedicated to conserving valuable resources and reducing the ecological footprint of concert venues and live events.

Green Hands Commitments

Green Hands Initiative strives to eliminate unnecessary waste, minimize adverse impacts on our cherished resources and empower other venues and communities to adopt sustainable practices. To accomplish these goals, Green Hands is governed by the following five commitments:

Commitment to Pollutant Elimination

Carbon Offsets: To offset the venue's carbon emissions, The Amp has partnered with We Are Neutral, an environmental nonprofit based in Gainesville, FL. The carbon offsets purchased through We Are Neutral fund tree planting, methane capture at Florida landfills and free energy upgrades to low-income housing. 

Since 2016, we have retired 318.69 tons of carbon through We Are Neutral, which is equivalent to: 

  • 67.7 cars taken off the road for one year
  • 12,105 incandescent lights switched to LEDs
  • 5,270 tree saplings grown for 10 years

Commitment to Waste Reduction

Reusable Cup Program: In 2019, St. Augustine Amphitheatre took the innovative step of replacing single-use plastic cups with reusable, high quality, BPA-free cups. Here's how it works:

  • When guests order their first drink, they are given a reusable cup to use throughout the event.
  • Guests automatically receive a $1 discount when they refill their cup.
  • At the end of the event, guests return the cup to the cup bins located throughout the venue.

BYOBottle: Guests are encouraged to bring their own empty reusable bottle to fill (and refill!) at the filtered water stations throughout the venue. Only clear, reusable water bottles are allowed; single-use plastic, glass and metal bottles are not permitted.

Tervis Pint Program: Patrons may purchase a St. Augustine Amphitheatre Tervis tumbler for $10 at concessions and receive $1 off all draft beer, soda, cocktail, and wine refills.

One Less Plastic Straw: All drinks are served without plastic straws. Paper straws are available upon request.

One Less Plastic Bag: Cotton tote bags are used for all shopping and hospitality purposes at The Amp. All unavoidable plastic films are recycled with TREX.

Recycling: All waste and recycling is hand-sorted to maximize our recycling potential.

Compost: All allowable food waste gets composted with local partners. 

Commitment to Conservation

LED: In an industry that relies heavily on lighting, a commitment to LED lights is critical to minimizing energy waste. Compared to incandescent lights, LEDs use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer and do not contain mercury-laden components. Here at The Amp, all aisle lights for the seating bowl, house lights under the iconic tents, backstage, plaza, stage and Front Porch lighting has been converted to LEDs.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Green Hands is committed to creating valuable partnerships that further local conservation, waste reduction and sustainability practices, while offering educational opportunities to individuals and organizations seeking to improve sustainability. Recent partnerships include:

Commitment to Consciously Sourced Goods

  • Food: St. Augustine Amphitheatre works to ensure all food served is sourced with high quality standards and is locally produced, whenever possible.
  • Merchandise and Promotional Materials: The Amp proudly uses sustainable materials and reusable products for all branded merchandise and promotional items.

Interested in Being a Green Hand?


Green Hands welcomes volunteers who are committed to conservation! A Green Hands volunteer assists with public education during concert and community events. Please complete the application linked below to apply.

More Info

Community Partner

If your organization would like to explore partnership or educational opportunities with The Amp's Green Hands Initiative, please use the link below to email Shelby Dixon, Green Hands Coordinator, for more information.

When Visiting The Amp

  • Bring your own empty, clear, reusable water bottle to fill (and refill) at the filtered water stations throughout the venue. Single-use plastic, metal and glass containers are not permitted.
  • Reuse your Tervis or concessions cup for $1 off all refills.
  • Walk, bike or carpool to events.