July 08 2024

Guest Post: How The St. Augustine Amphitheatre Ranks in Ticket Sales

Midway through 2024, the St. Augustine Amphitheatre is second most popular amphitheater in the country, based on gross ticket sales.

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July 02 2024

FOSAA 2024 Summer Art & Music Camp!

FOSAA 2024 Summer Art & Music Camp recap!

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Apr 14 2024

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre Nominated for "Outdoor Venue of the Year"

The Academy of Country Music nominated the St. Augustine Amphitheatre for "Outdoor Venue of the Year" 2024!

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Apr 01 2024

A stellar start to 2024!

From captivating debut performances to the return of beloved acts, from stand-up comedy to electrifying blues, the St. Augustine Amphitheatre's first…

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